Lori North

I was a late starter with art and actually didn’t lift a paintbrush until after I retired.  I was self employed most of my life in businesses that were open 6 days a week so there was not much free time for hobbies.  As soon as I retired, I decided to change this and went to a beginner’s class at Missenden Abbey.  I was hooked from then on.  I am self-taught, I mostly paint in watercolour and acrylic, although I do like to dabble every now and then in oils.  I love bright colours and like to paint things that capture my imagination.  It might be a face, an expression, movement or vivid landscape.

I have won several international competitions, which has boosted my confidence and encouraged me to continue experimenting and trying out new things, it doesn’t always work but occasionally does to my amazement.    I just have to remember how I did it!

Lori is donating 50% of the sale of each of her pieces to the Chilterns MS Centre in support of their fundraising.