Melanie Harvey

I am largely self-taught, painting mostly using oils.  My inspiration is derived from the wonders of our natural world, and the way we interact with it.  Frequently my paintings are based on my own references gathered while travelling overseas, and also locally in the Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire area.

Subjects which capture my imagination range from the natural and dramatic landscapes / seascapes and weather, and animals (in particular horses and domestic animals), through Still Life subjects, to the beautiful aspects of things man-made, in the shape of the mediaeval towns of France with their bustling markets and cafés. 

I am drawn to, and enjoy the challenge of depicting, images with an interesting play of light and shade.  Texture is also extremely evocative, from rough tree bark to glazed porcelain, a tranquil lake reflection to pounding stormy seas, fur and foliage to sand and rock.